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February Special – Macadamia & Plum Croissant

Our Head Baker, Brendon Woodward, has created the Macadamia & Plum croissant, availible through the month of Feburary .
Handmade and baked onsite at Loulou Boulangerie, the Macadamia and Plum Croissant is made with our flaky, crispy and buttery Loulou croissant recipe and filled with macadamia praline, plum jam & vanilla diplomat.
The sweet crunch from the Macadamia praline and tartness from the plum jam mixes expertly with the creaminess of the vanilla diplomat.
Using fresh seasonal plums, and hand-picked Australian Macadamias this croissant is a labour of love. There is a 3-day process for the dough, which involves laminating it on day 1, proofing on day 2 and baking on day 3.

Limited stock will also be available on weekends only, throughout February.   

To avoid disappointment please pre-order on our online shop in advance at 


*Insider tip: Keep your eyes on our shelves as the Boulangerie team has plans to batch and sell the plum jam separately as well, available in-store only. Limited supply.